Who is EMGK ?

I'm Baptiste, 29, an anlog photographer from France

As a child, I was shy, and terribly romantic. Today, I am less shy, but I am still an hopeless romantic.

Still, I am more on the introvert side, but It helps in my photography. You can count on my discretion during your wedding. I like to be the silent witness of every moment of love and joy.

I am married myself to the most incredible woman. I believe in the simple beauty of mariage. That is what i want to show in my photos.

Only you and your love.

More about me

Your wedding on film

For my wedding work, I chose to use film.

I think film photograhy is simpler medium, a more honest one. It helps me capture true to life images, without excessive retouche.

In colors or black and white, it is a more traditionnal way to work in a world where machine and computers are more and more present in our life.

Photo de couple en argentique

Wedding & Elopement

Your wedding on film

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Couples & Portrait

No need for special occasion for special photos

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Ils m'ont fait confiance...

Why shoot on film ?

Plan your day

I want to capture true, natural and simple photo. The best way to do that for me is using film.

Working with film gives you an different experience of the photoshoot

Every wedding and couple is unique.

I want to create a special experience for each of my couples, where everybody feels comfortable

Shy (amongs all the others) people welcome !

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How am i working ?

My answer to the most ask questions about the way I work (and more)

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