The act of leaving home secretly in order to get married.

Today, a very intimist and small wedding during which every crazy idea is possible.

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What's an Elopement ?

Perfect for smaller weddings & Elopements

An elopement is a very small and intimist wedding, taking (sometime) place in unusual or unconventionnal location.

Elopements are usualy more personnalized than traditionnal weddings.

This package is built with smaller wedding and elopements in mind: Coverage is about two to three hours, from the getting ready or the ceremony. We also take some time for couple's photo and the reception if needed.

All photographs are taken on 35mm film, portraits on medium format. I also bring instant film such as Polaroïds !

Starting at 850€

Without travel fees

Pictures are digitalized and delivered on an online platform. This way it's easier for you to share with firends and family. It's also an easy and convinient way for people to order prints directly from the website

The bride and groom also get all pictures printed on 10x15 (4x5 inches) Fuji Crytal Photo Paper, for long term conservation

Feel free to tell my about your crazy ideas for the day, as this package can be personnalized quite a bit !

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