I love physical media to star with : I've always prefered a physical print to a digital file. Maybe it's my background as an art historian, who saw dozen of paintings made centuries ago still visible today. When you take a picture on film, it has a physical existence from the start. The image is there, carved in the chemicals by light. Each following steps, from processing to printing, only reinforce this physical existence.

When you shoot digitial, making the image real is a choice. With film, it's real from thet start

Working with film is a more direct, more organic, more authentic way to create images. I feel the light and colors are more true to life on celluloïds.

I want to creat honnest pictures, without the interference of too many computers or pieces of software

Film is simple, with zero digital trickery.

When you think analog, you think of old, dusty stuff.

As one of the oldest process in photography, it is also one of the richest : dozen of different camera, lenses, and films are available to create unique photos.

From classic 35mm film they use for cinema, to big medium format, or even large format camera, recent or vintage gear, possibilty for creating unique looking photos are endless.




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