Choose film for your wedding

The reason why I chose film for my wedding work is simple : I like the way it looks.

I like the natural colors of the film, the tactile texture of the grain, the simplicity of the images that reminds me of the true beauty of a wedding.

Film photography today is kind of weird : It is a more artisanal and tactile photography.

Analog photography is sincere and honnest. It's a direct process where the images are more true to life, with just a touch of magic to make them unique.

True to life

My way of working is simple : I'm a discreet photographer, and I don't like to stage events. I don's want to turn your wedding in a long and painful photo session. I'm photographing weddings in a simple way, going with the flow of the day. There are already so many beautiful and sincere moments and emotion during a wedding. I don't need to create fake ones.

In my style, I want to mix art photography and honest story telling, with attention to details, light ans composition.

Film helps me with natural beautiful colors and smooth textured grain.

I don't like trends.

When I'm working on your wedding, my goals is not to create trendy pictures for Instagram. I want to create images you would love to look for decades to come. Photos you would pass on your future family. Photos that are not going to be out of trend in five years. Photos that looks like the couple you are.

Film adds a je-ne-sais-quoi of timelessness.

And it's even more true with black and white, so why not try a full black and white wedding ?

Take mysterious ways

Analog photography comes in a lot of flavors : black and white or color ? Experimental and weird films ? Polaroïds ? Vintage gear and large format camera from last century for a more "retro" look ?

Everything is possible, and the possibilities are endeless.

During your wedding, I use vintage and new gear, and different film formats to create unique looking images.

On the field

In 2018, Hélène & Etienne allowed me to film my work at their wedding.

You can watch the video (in french) to see me in action !

Some examples

Is the quality of film photography the same as digital

Analog and digital are two very different medium. If you like the look of film, you should hire a film photographer, because he's the one who can deliver this look.

Analog allows photographer to work with different types of camera, such as medium and large format camera. Those camera are still used today in art and fashion work, and the look they provide can not be replicate with a standard digital camera.

What gear do you use ?

I have many analog camera at my disposal. For weddings I usualy work with Canon Camera's from the 90s to early 2000s, but I can us more vintage camera from the 1970s for a retro look.

I'm also bringing a medium format camera for exceptionnal portraits.

How many time it takes to get the photos ?

I care deeply about your photos. Films are processed at a profesionnal lab, then, digitized from the negative to ensure the best quality possible.

I takes between one to two month to process the scan and deliver them in the online galery

How long do you stay at the wedding ?

How much photo will we get ?

I have three main offers : half day, full day and full day with evening.

But it is also possible to adapt the offer to you needs (brunch, rehearsal dinner, week end...)

There is not maximum: you will get excalty the right amount to tell your story perfectly.

Where can you Go ?

I'm from north of France, but available worldwide. (travelling fees may apply)

Let's go !

My fees for internationnal weddings starts at 2000€. Details will be provideed after our first mail.