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Your wedding on film

What you get...

I like to start the day with you, as you get ready. It's important to tell the story of your wedding, and capture every meaningful moments.

We plan the day together. I don't want to make your day about photography, and turn your wedding in a long photshoot. My goal is to tell the story of how it went by.

Starting at 1475€

Engagement shoot : a portrait session several month before your wedding, to get to know eachother. It will help you to stay true to yourself on the big day

The films are developped by a professionnal photolab. Then, I work on the images to assure you have the best quality possible.

Modern delivery : We're in the 21st century, and Internet is everywhere. Your images ars scanned from the film, and deliver to you in an online gallery. It's a simple way to share the images and order prints for your friends and family.

Traditionnal delivery : Paper is the best way to view and keep images. That's why I make a 70 pages premium photo album for every wedding, so you can keep and share your images with the generations to come.

A mariage is for life.

So are photographs.

Are analog pictures as good as digital ones?


Analog and digital are very different from one another. If you like the analog look, why not go all the way and try it, instead of asking for a replica ?

Analog photograhy also allows me to work with bigger negative, know as medium format, for all portraits. These format are still i use today for fashon and art shoots.


What gear do you use ?

I'm working with the last analog camera Canon made in the late 2000s, using recent "L" optics.

I'm also using professionnal medium format camera and optics.

My gear is checked every year.

If there's a problem for any reason, i still cary a digital camera during the day.

When do you deliver the photos ?


You get you images about two month after your wedding (usualy a little before that).

The book is delivered about a month after you chose the images you want to print in it.

Do you travel ?

How can we hire you ?

How long do you stay at the wedding ?

You can send me an E-mail or a phone call. Fell free to share the details of your day.

When we agree on a package, I ask for a 30% advance payment. The rest is due on the wedding day.

I live in France, but I can get anywhere you want.

Fees for travel and housing are added to the price.

Everthing is possible if organized.

It all depends on the package you choose : I can be their half a day or a day. I can photographe the evening party, even the next day.

Feel free to ask !

How many photo do you include ?

There is no rule: I give you the right amount to tell your day as it went by.

However, a minimum is garanteed for every package.

Let's go ?